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The TU-10 is one of the worlds most advanced clocking machines with a fantastic 3 inch, TFT high-definition graphical interface, and great feel keypad with 4 function keys. External Sounder connections and RS232 printer output is also supported.

Latest Biometric Technology and Proximity clocking machine in one.

TU-10 Fingerprint/RFID Proximity Clocking System   £279


The TU-10 adopts the worlds most advanced fingerprint sensing technology and algorithms, fast identification speed, the False Acceptance Rate (FAR) is 0.0001%. This model is based around the very successful TAU-600+ but with some minor enhancements. There is a more updated case with a poly dome keypad giving a more responsive feel to the key press. The new TU-10 as with the TAU-600+ also has the ability to download the clocking's onto a USB memory stick making the device operate in standalone mode with no network connection. As well as the advanced biometric reader there is also a built in RFID proximity reader giving more flexibility to the reader technology allowing employees to clock using RFID cards or fobs.

The TU-10 embedded operating system is built on a Linux platform for reliability and functionality. Communication to the device is via 10/100mB Ethernet port or via the USB memory stick making it easy and affordable to install in any work environment.

A choice of clock formats is also available and now has the ability to connect an external sounder or bell to the TU-10 to sound at break times or home time etc. The times are setup via the clock menu system. When clocking in/out there is an audible beep as well as speech announcements saying ‘thank you’ if verified OK or ‘please try again’ if not recognised. There are other voice announcements to say when clock is full etc. If required an RS232 printer can be connected to the TU-10 this allows for each clocking to be printed direct to the printer as they happen very useful for roll calls.

There are also 3 methods of clocking in/out fingerprint, RFID card/Fob or with a PIN number, all 3 can be set up on all employee accounts.

Using one of the function keys employees can do a query on the clock to review there previous clocking's on a daily basis.

The ZK Time software that is supplied with the TU-10 is a full version of the software that has been specifically written to suit all types of business from small to large. Features include employee record details, multiple shift patterns, manually amend clocking's for people who forgot to clock, employee absent reports, late reports and many more various and comprehensive report’s can be generated. The software has the ability to export the reports into many different formats such as csv, Excel, PDF etc.

To view the ZK Time Software Click Here

The TU-10 and the software is a complete package in the box and you can be up and working within a few hours.

TU-10 Fingerprint Clocking system


What's included in the price:

  • TU-10 Biometric and RFID Clocking Machine
  • Mounting Bracket and Fixings
  • ZK Time Software up to 200 Employees   (Windows XP to Windows 7 supported)

  • UK Power Supply
  • Video and Detailed setup and user instructions
  •  Email and telephone support