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1. How do you set the time on the clock?

2. How do you set the time if using ZK Time or Memory Stick?

3. How do I Reset the Clock?

4. How do I clean the fingerprint scanner?

5. After a period the display on my iClock 360 goes off?

6. Can I test the functions on the iClock?

7. My clock will not connect on USB?

8. How does the clock read the fingerprint?

9. When Using the USB Memory stick I get a window appear with strange text?

Setting The Time.

The time can be set by the PC Software ATT-TAMS when the clock is showing connected in the software right mouse click and select Sync Time this will set the time and date to that of the PC.

Setting the time using a USB Memory Stick.

The time can be set in the menu of the clock press the menu button on the clock keypad and Select Date and time from the menu system. Use the clocks keypad to enter the new time.

Resetting the Employee Time Clock

There are 2 resets on the clocking in machine a 'Hard' and 'Soft' the 'Hard' reset is a button on the side of the clock you will need a paper clip or something long and thin the reset hole is located by the USB port on the left hand side insert the paper clip and the clock should reset. This will not loose any data just reset some of the parameters. The soft reset is in the menu system under 'Options' or 'System' (depending on clock).

Cleaning the Fingerprint Scanner

The best method we have found is using a wet wipe (baby wipe) and a dry cloth.

Power Save mode

This may be due to the power save mode being set. In the menu of the clock go to System and Misc. Set. Adjust the sleep time to '0' this will keep the display on.

Testing the iClock

Yes the iClock has a built in Auto test facility in the menu system select Auto Test. In this menu you can select All tests or individual tests.

Trouble Connecting using USB

Make sure you install the ATT-TAMS software first as this will install the USB driver for the clock. Once installed plug the clock into a USB port and you should see the clock appear as FP reader within windows.

USB Memory stick text error.

We have had a software update to change the message box text. Click here to download new file to fix this problem.


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