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The iClock 260 is one of the worlds most advanced clocking machines with a fantastic 3.5inch, TFT high-definition graphical interface, and great feel keypad supporting T9 dictionary input.

iClock 260 Larger TFT screen and 8 Function keys.

iClock 260 Fingerprint Clocking Machine     £449


The iClock 260 adopts the worlds most advanced fingerprint sensing technology and algorithms, fast identification speed, the False Acceptance Rate (FAR) is 0.0001%.

The iClock 260 is built on a Linux platform for reliability and functionality. Communication to the iClock 260 is via 10/100mB Ethernet port or it can be connected to a PC via a USB port. The iClock also has the ability to download clocking's onto a USB flash drive via a standard USB port located on the side of the iClock making it completely standalone.

8 function keys enable the setup off clock in/out, break time, overtime etc.

All users enrolled into the iClock can be downloaded into a PC so you always have a backup of the users so you can replace or add to the clocking system without having to enrol people every time.

A choice of clock formats is also available and also the ability to add pictures or notices as a screen saver.

As well as an audible beep there is also speech announcements saying ‘thank you’ if verified OK or ‘please try again’ if not recognised making the clocking experience more human. There are other voice announcements to say when clock is full etc. A start/end audible tone is also programmable into the iClock 260 to indicate break, end of work etc.

There are also two methods of clocking fingerprint or with a PIN number, both can be set up on all accounts.

Clocking's can be reviewed at the iClock 260 by the user or all clocking’s stored in the iClock by an administrator.

The ZK Time software that is supplied with the iClock is a full version of the software that enables you to setup features within the iClock, enter employee details, create shift patterns, manually amend clocking's for people who forgot to clock.

Report generating is also built into the software and the ability to export into many different formats.

The iClock 260 and the software is a complete package and you can be up and working within a few hours.

To view the ZK Time Software Click Here

The iClock 260 and the software is a complete package and you can be up and working within a few hours.

The iClock 260 is a system that most medium to large size companies will be very impressed with giving a reliable fingerprint reader clocking machine and a fully functional time and attendance software that you would expect from a more expensive system.

iClock260 Fingerprint Clocking System